Brand new product from AMOMAX!


Amomax is the world leading pistol & magazine tactical holster manufacture. deigning products for real steel & airsoft pistols. Superb quality products at amazing prices!


Per-Fit holsters are designed to holster most pistols on the market!  super easy to adjust to accommodate your pistol. desgined to be tatcical & fast extraction while under pressure. 

Models that fit the Per-Fit holster...... 


AW Customs - HX Series


EMG - BLU, Hi-capa, STI/TTi Licensed JW3 2011 Combat Master

G&G - GPM92, GPM1911, GTP9

HFC - HG 182/185/190


KJW - KP 16/17, KP09, KP-13, SP01, Shadow 2, P-09, M9

KSC - CZ75, G17, G18c, G19, G26, G34, M1911A1, M9A1, M92F, Mk23, P226

KWC - 24/7, 92FS, K17, K18, K40, K75, SP226

Toykyo Marui - Hi-capa, Glock 17/19/19x/34 Gen 3. 3/4/5, M9 Series, FNX45, P226 Series 

Umarex (VFC) -Glock17/18/19/19x/34 Gen 3. 3/4/5 VP9, PPQ M2

WE - Hi-capa, F17, G17/G19/G23/G26/G34 Gen 3, Gen 4, M9 Series, F Series (F226/F228/F229)


Product is made out of high quailty ABS Plastic, Comes with adjustment tool, Manual & Paddle Clamp. Holster can also be mounted with other Amomax attachemnts I.e Molle clamp.





Per-Fit Holster - BLK