The stated aim of Amomax are products especially for airsoft players which have been completely adapted to the airsoft sector. This also includes precise information on the compatibility of the holster, in order to allow a trouble-free selection!
Hardshell holsters are becoming increasingly popular and although they are not as universally applicable as the classic nylon holster, the advantages are obvious!
The fact that they are adapted directly to the weapon and Amomax Holster are designed specifically for Airsoft weapons, they have only the necessary minimum clearances to safely pick up the weapon. This ensures maximum safety and ergonomics.

As standard, we deliver the Amomax magazine pouches with a paddle adapter for the waistband. With the MOLLE adapter from Amomax you can mount all Amomax products on a MOLLE system. The adjustment system allows the holsters to be mounted at any desired angle. This is e.g. essential for mounting on the plate carrier!
As with the paddle, the assembly takes place via a screw - the Adaper itself is simply inserted into the loops and thus allows quick attachment and removal for all MOLLE / PALS systems (IDZ is unfortunately not compatible)
- All Amomax Holsters and Accessories, MOLLE / PALS Systems (NO IDZ!)
- Cytac Holster



AMOMAX Molle attachment (OD)

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