Demolitions Airsoft takes great pride in providing the best products at the best prices! We value our customers & will do our best to up hold excellence in customer service. As an Airsoft player, I know this sport isn't cheap!


We are NZ owned & Operated, so we are here for the kiwi players. Our goal is to grow Airsoft in New Zealand & compete against some of the best Airsoft players WORLDWIDE!.


Come support YOUR Airsoft Shop!

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Owner of Demolitions Airsoft


"Airsoft has been a passion of mine since I was 15. Through the many years of playing Airsoft I have met a lot of awesome players nationwide who are now really good mates of mine. I created this business to provide quality products to all airsoft players and share my passion with NZ.


“We’re here for the players.” Is our motto, because if it wasn’t for all the players, Airsoft wouldn’t be the sport it is today.


Look forward to shooting you all!"