OCT 25-27

fury fOREST 2019  

Hosted By RUB CORE

forest fury 2019.jpg

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Fury Forest, once a point of Sanctuary to many of the wastelands roaming factions has been devastated by fierce storms - leaving many of its inhabitants displaced, or dead.

Ferocious sandstorms have buried entire settlements, but uncovered new treasures. Relics of the old world, forgotten - yet somehow preserved under decades of fallout.

Raiders from throughout the wasteland have emerged, hell bent on securing old technology and a chance to resurrect the old way of life. However, one group stands in their way - The Ruddy Bastards. Despite their receding population, the clan remain determined to fight tooth and nail for every inch of wasteland within their grasp, and the treasures it may contain.

Fury Forest 2019 will be a conflict like no other, 4 teams will work to establish trade routes throughout the wasteland while participating in hourly objectives, fighting off a relentless hosting faction and reacting to events on the field. A trading system will be in place, with many lucrative offerings to swap for ingame currency. Weather you decide to knuckle-down and disrupt enemy supply lines, Hunt for treasures to trade at the shop, or take part in the hourly objectives - Fury Forest offers a little something for everyone to enjoy in the once a year Mad Max themed sandbox scenario.

All attendees must be 18 or over. Special exemptions may be considered on a case by case basis.
RuB Management reserves the right to refuse entry to this event for any reason.

NOV 23-24

2 Day Open Club Airsoft Celebration 

Hosted By WAR

WAR nov.jpg

This is a two day, Open Club event to ALL Airsoft Clubs in New Zealand.


Brought to you by Tiger Army and Written by BBoy


Saturday will be a CQB game day held at the Asylum in Kingseat.
Sunday will be an All Day event held at West Coast Airsoft Rangers field in Waiuku.


All welcome!
We would love to see new clubs and new players and will look after you in our ranks.

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FEB 29-1st

Longest Yard 11, Bigger, Longer And Uncut. 

Hosted By WMA

Long yard 20.jpg

Longest Yard 11!! 2 days of fun mayhem and one of NZ airsoft's big attractions. last one saw members from over 6 different clubs compete against the very ground itself in a 6.5K uphill battle.


There will be limited numbers for this event with only 120 places available so keep an eye out for tickets and pricing. There will be a few twists and turns and things tend to get loud when you turn it up to 11

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